Introducing Connected Apps for Streamlined Release Management on Bitrise

Introducing connected apps! A game-changer that links store apps like App Store Connect and Google Play Console directly with your Bitrise apps. This innovative approach shines a spotlight on each store app, streamlining the release management process and optimizing mobile development workflows.

The ability to efficiently manage and deploy app releases can significantly distinguish between staying ahead of the competition and playing catch-up. Recognizing the role of streamlined release processes, we’re introducing connected apps. Connected apps seamlessly link a store app (App Store Connect or Google Play Console) with a Bitrise app.

With this new approach, each store app now enjoys its own spotlight, thanks to a focused and organized release management strategy. Our blog post unveils the essence of connected apps and how it help optimize efficiency and precision in your mobile development workflow.

Understanding Bitrise’s Release Management

Our Release Management add-on is a powerful tool that simplifies the App Store and Google Play release processes for mobile development teams. It’s designed to take the hassle out of the release management process, enabling you to automate updates easily without needing in-depth knowledge of App Store Connect or Google Play Console.

Screenshot of Bitrise’s Release Management add-on.

The challenges with the old system: Bitrise App-Based Release Management

Previously, our Release Management add-on had a one-to-one link with Bitrise apps. This meant that if you used a single Bitrise app to manage continuous integration (CI) for multiple mobile store apps, all their releases were bundled. This setup made configuring and tracking releases for individual store apps challenging.

Recognizing the need for a better approach, we sought to improve how developers can oversee and handle releases for different app versions.

The new system: connected app-based Release Management

We’re excited to introduce an improved way to connect and manage your App Store Connect and Google Play Console apps and their releases with connected apps in Release Management.

With this change, you can manage each app version’s releases independently, providing a focused and streamlined release process for each one.

The new, connected app-based Release Management.

The benefits of connected apps

Connected apps offer precise management and tracking of releases. Each connected app can have its release presets and feature flag configuration, which was impossible in our old system.

This means you can now tailor your release approach for each store app, ensuring that each one gets the attention and focus it deserves.

Our easy migration guide

The transition to Connected Apps is seamless. For each of your store apps with existing or past releases in Release Management, we automatically set up a Connected App. This means if you have at least one release for a store app in Release Management, a connected app has already been created for you. For instance, if you managed both App Store Connect and Google Play releases through a single app on Bitrise, you will now find two distinct Connected Apps, offering a more organized approach.

One Bitrise app, two connected apps: A screenshot of Connected apps to App Store Connect and Google Play.

Connecting new store apps to Release Management

Connecting a new store app is straightforward. Click the “Connect app” button and follow our simple three-step guide. For detailed instructions, please refer to our documentation.

Support and additional resources

For more information, our updated documentation on connected apps is available here. If you need further assistance or wish to share feedback, please contact us at You can also explore, engage, and submit your Release Management ideas on our product board.


  • What happens to my current and in-progress releases? All your releases will be automatically moved to the appropriate connected app, ensuring a smooth continuation of your release workflows.
  • Will my release presets carry over? Yes, your Connected Apps will inherit all release presets from the original setup, ensuring consistency.
  • Can I customize presets and feature flags for each Connected App? Absolutely! You can tailor presets and feature flag settings for each Connected App.
  • How about release manager permissions? Currently, these are linked to the Bitrise app, but we’re working on making this aspect more flexible. For now, Connected Apps tied to the same Bitrise app will share release manager settings.


Connected apps is a significant step forward in making the release management process more efficient and personalized. As you transition to this new system, you’ll enjoy uninterrupted release processes and the ability to customize configurations for each store app. Give it a go today, and let us know your thoughts.

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