Include bitrise.yml in bitrise.yml's to share common workflows

A feature which would be much appreciated by us would be to be able to include .yml files in the main bitrise.yml.

The included .yml could come from:

  • Local paths to .yml’s (perheps in a git submodule)
  • Gists
  • Path + another git repo
  • URL (maybe that’ll cover Gists…)

You’d then specify one or more .ymls to include from your main .yml. And you’ll be able to add workflows from the included .yml, etc.

The ‘Local paths to .yml’… would probably only work in the local workflow editor.

I’d love this!

I’d personally start with a more simple solution, where the CLI would only handle local paths, and you just have to make sure that the other yml is there (e.g. using a Script step before that to download or otherwise retrieve the other yml(s)).

Indeed, that’s one of the main concerns why we did not implement something like this so far.