Ignore pull request status check for a given build

Description of the feature request

It would be great to be able to ignore the Github status check when specifying a parameter to the Bitrise API.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

1 - In our case, we have a Bitrise pipeline that runs to check the pull request. In this case, the PR status check is legit.
2 - We also have a workflow that we can trigger from the pull request that will build the app and deploy it to our internal testing track for the QA. The workflow writes a comment on the pull request to notify that the build is ready.

If the 1 doesn’t pass for good reason (unit tests failing for instance), it should block the PR.
If we trigger 2, as we need the pull request number to write the feedback comment, it is seen as a Bitrise check.

If the build from 2 is successful, it will override the status check and validate the pull request for bad reason.

It would be great to be able to pass a parameter $IGNORE_STATUS_CHECK so Bitrise doesn’t link the build back to Github status. (we still need the pull request number though)

It looks linked to this comment : Is it possible to disable a workflow setting GitHubs Pull Request status check?