How to set mockLocation on Android Emulator?

I tried to get geo location on Android Emulator, however I always see the following error for get location.
Can anyone tell how to get and set location on android emulator in bitrise?

[HTTP] → GET /wd/hub/session/6d48fa8a-0200-4905-86e5-f7a79a7dbf7b/location
2021-10-18 17:59:25:911 [HTTP] {}
2021-10-18 17:59:25:911 [W3C (6d48fa8a)] Calling AppiumDriver.getGeoLocation() with args: [“6d48fa8a-0200-4905-86e5-f7a79a7dbf7b”]
2021-10-18 17:59:25:912 [ADB] Running ‘/opt/android-sdk-linux/platform-tools/adb -P 5037 -s emulator-5554 shell am broadcast -n io.appium.settings/.receivers.LocationInfoReceiver -a io.appium.settings.location’
2021-10-18 17:59:59:461 [W3C (6d48fa8a)] Encountered internal error running command: Error: Cannot parse the actual location values from the command output: Broadcasting: Intent { act=io.appium.settings.location flg=0x400000 cmp=io.appium.settings/.receivers.LocationInfoReceiver }
2021-10-18 17:59:59:462 [W3C (6d48fa8a)] Broadcast completed: result=0, data=""
2021-10-18 17:59:59:462 [W3C (6d48fa8a)] at ADB.getGeoLocation (/usr/lib/node_modules/appium/node_modules/appium-adb/lib/tools/settings-client-commands.js:246:11)
2021-10-18 17:59:59:462 [W3C (6d48fa8a)] at AndroidUiautomator2Driver.getGeoLocation (/usr/lib/node_modules/appium/node_modules/appium-android-driver/lib/commands/network.js:148:43)
2021-10-18 17:59:59:493 [HTTP] ← GET /wd/hub/session/6d48fa8a-0200-4905-86e5-f7a79a7dbf7b/location 500 33581 ms - 947

Hello @rahul.nethi :wave:

Can you let me know if the issue still stands? If it does, could you send us the URL of the related build and also enable Support Access on the Settings tab of the app so that we can take a more in-depth look?

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