How to install specific version of GooglePlayServices

How do I install a specific version of google play services on a VM?

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Hi @bryce-ifit,

The short and sad answer is there’s no official way to do that, as Google does not provide versioned packages for Google Play Services. It’s the same on your own Mac/PC too, at the time when you install or upgrade the Google Play Service package you’ll get the latest version of the package, and you simply can’t go back to an older version using the official tools.

There are hacks like directly downloading the package and uncompressing it (Android tools packages are simple ZIP files which have to be uncompressed into the right directory in $ANDROID_HOME), see e.g. this stack overflow thread - but even these URLs might disappear any time (as noted in the Stack Overflow) questions.

You could probably ZIP up the right package dir from your own Mac/PC and upload it to somewhere, even to directly (using Generic File Storage), AFAIK this should work but there might be breaking changes when the other android tools get an update.

If we can help with anything or if you’d have any questions just let us know! :slight_smile:

Thanks Victor, that seems to be what I have found as well.

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