How to get the versionName of android app as an environment var

I want to tag my git commit with the versionName from the build. Is this set anywhere as a env var so I can use it in the GitTag stage. Currently using $BITRISE_BUILD_NUMBER but this is only the build numeber

Many thanks


Hi @jamienourish,

Do you set the versionName dynamically, during the build? Or is that just included in your repository, and not changed during the build?

Also, when & how do you change that?

Thanks the gradle script sets it based on the build number from bit rise. I can see when bit rise uploads it to their download are it says the version but don’t know if i can get it from that.

If not I think setting a env var in the gradle script is my only option?

Then you can just use that env var as the tag too, right? :thinking: Or what’s the method you use in gradle?