How to deploy assets to Github releases?

Hey community!

I just wanted to know if someone has successfully deployed assets or build artifacts to Github releases from a Bitrise build. With Travis and AppVeyor it’s a strait forward process but I couldn’t find a step on the Bitrise forkflow editor for doing that.

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Hi @rraallvv,

Thanks for asking this here :wink:

Well, how do you do that on Travis?

Hey @viktorbenei, there are some callbacks for that on Travis, that one can define in the .yml file before_deploy, deploy, and after_deploy. I tried googling for “Bitrise deploy to Github” but all that came out were entries with steps to deploy to Bitrise-io, iTunes Connect, Google Play, etc. so I got in the mindset that there should be a step for Github too.

Do you mean there are also some callbacks that I can use in a similar way in my bitrise.yml file?

Could you please point me where to find that information? Thanks.

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Ahh, I see, I thought you used a tool there for the deploy.

Unfortunately no, we don’t have a Step for this.

What you can do is:

  1. Write a script which deploys the artifact, e.g. using GitHub’s own hub tool: (release command docs/info:
  2. Or write a Bitrise Step for this, e.g. using the GitHub API. If you’d need help with this feel free to ask, you can find the getting started docs at:

If you’d need help with either of these just let us know!

@vgaidarji thank you so much, I’ll give it a try.

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Let us know how it goes, or if you need any help / if you have any questions @rraallvv! :wink:

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@rraallvv any luck with this? I’m also looking on a way to deploy generated files to Github Release.