How to build Cordova project


  1. Use this bitrise.yml for your cordova app’s build config:

2. The variables you have to set are at the top, in the app:envs: section, set those to the right ones for your project

Note for Team ID: probably the easiest way to get the Team ID and to set it in Xcode for local testing at the same time is to open the generated Xcode project, and set the Team in Build Settings, then click the team again and choose Other ... - this will print the ID of the current selected Team!


Both on and on your locally machine run:

  • ci-ios workflow to build your ios project
  • ci-android workflow to build your android project
  • ci workflow to build both android and ios project


On select:

  • for ios build: Xcode 7.3.1
  • for android build: any Android & Docker stack
  • for both ios and android build: Xamarin stack with Xcode 7.3

Code sign

  • for android project: should work right out of the box with debug signing
  • for ios project: you’ll have to open the Xcode project locally, set the desired code signing, and then run codesigndoc to collect all the required code signing files, and then upload them to the project on (in the Workflow Editor, left side: Code signing & Files section)

iOS Code Signing note: To set the final code signing type, the one with which the IPA will be signed, use the “export method” (Select method for export) option of the Xcode Archive step to set the final code signing type (e.g. “app-store” or “ad-hoc”), just like you would in case of a native iOS project! Relevant section of the iOS code signing guide: