How do I know if I should use the step Recreate User Schemes for IOS build?

What is the situation where you need to use the step Recreate User Schemes?

If my project runs normally by pressing play (run) on Xcode, and also archives correctly, and all my IOS folder is commited (appart from pods folder) do I need this step?

My project is built with fastlane, and fastlane knows which scheme to build, so, do I need this step? It was there by default during project setup on bitrise but I have the impression I can live without it…
It takes a long time and it could be affecting other problems I’m currently having.

Hello there @gabefetchly :wave:

the Recreate User Schemes step is usually a failsafe in case there is an issue with accessing the schemes (or the correct schemes) inside the project. If you see an error similar to this:

/Users/vagrant/git/Project.xcodeproj: could not get scheme (Scheme) from path (/Users/vagrant/git/Project.xcodeproj): scheme [Scheme] not found in [Project]

Then it is a good idea to implement this step :wink:

Thanks a lot @Roland-Bak thank makes total sense now. So when the objective is to speed up build process its a good idea to leave this step out, that’s why I asked.

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