Gradle Runner step: No file name matched app filters

We are running the Gradle Runner step:

- gradle-runner:
    - mapping_file_include_filter: ''
    - apk_file_include_filter: ''
    - apk_file_exclude_filter: "*.apk"
    - gradle_task: services:assembleBluetoothDebugAndroidTest
    title: Build debug services instrumentation test apk

We are on rare occasion seeing this error in the logs:


149 actionable tasks: 31 executed, 118 up-to-date

Collecting gradle caches...
Generate dependencies map...

Move APK and AAB files...
No file name matched app filters
copy services/build/outputs/apk/androidTest/bluetooth/debug/services-bluetooth-debug-androidTest.apk to /bitrise/deploy/services-bluetooth-debug-androidTest.apk
The apk path is now available in the Environment Variable: $BITRISE_TEST_APK_PATH (value: /bitrise/deploy/services-bluetooth-debug-androidTest.apk)

I’m not quite sure why this only fails some of the time. It’s also not clear why we get a " No file name matched app filters" error on one line and then the very next line a log about a successful copy.

I’m not sure what is going on. ATM we have Bitrise Support turned on so feel free to peek at the build in question:

Hi there @jason.atwood :wave:

Thanks for notifying us!
This seems curious, seemingly the Gradle Runner has some trouble with identifying the apk path, but only for a moment… :thinking:
It does end up being a successful step though :smiley:
We’ll take a better look and investigate what could cause this, and will get back to you as soon as we have something! :wink:

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