Git clone depth argument not respected for submodules


Description of the feature request

You can set the depth argument on git clone to have a shallow clone. However, that argument is not assigned on the git submodule update call. Either should the depth should be applied to submodule updates or a different arguments should be provided.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

To get faster builds and use less network. Especially for submodules, it’s pretty rare that you need the entire history.



Definitely makes sense, thanks for the #feature-request @gcamp!

P.S.: don’t forget to vote on it to bump its priority! :wink:

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For me it is a bug since I need different commit in the submodule depending on the version of the app I’m building. I can’t make my builds green because depth is always 1 for the submodule.



Hi @mobiledeveloper, :wave:

I believe we sorted this out via email the other day! :blush: Please do let me know if you still need assistance but it seems the ticket you submitted is now solved. :tada: