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I am in process of building my react native android app, locally on my machine using ./gradlew assembleDebug the apk gets generated without any issues, but when I tried it using bitrise i got error of Task :@textile_react-native-sdk:verifyReleaseResources
It gave me possible solution of adding JAVA 8 compatibility and changing minSdkVersion to 26 as in below code
android {
compileOptions {
sourceCompatibility 1.8
targetCompatibility 1.8

I did the changes, pushed them but still it gives me same issues… Please help

I have attached screenshot of error and also have mentioned logs url.


Android - React Native

Build log

Hi @KrunalRN!

In this build, since you didn’t provide a variant or a module, the Android Build step is looking at every variant and module, which I think is related to the error. Do you also get this if use is a Gradle Runner step to only run a debug assemble build?

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