Flutter Install v0.11.0

Fixed the installation issues due to the error:

Switching channels failed with error code 1.
Failed to set flutter channel, error: exit status 1

Added a new input: Update to the latest version (is_update). If set to false a preinstalled Flutter can be used, if it is from the same channel as specified in the Flutter SDK git repository version (version) input.
By default it is set to true, so the latest version from a Flutter channel is used.

Added a new input: Flutter SDK installation bundle URL (installation_bundle_url). It can be used to install Flutter from an installation bundle. This can be much faster than the previous method of cloning the Flutter git repository. (This is case if the Flutter SDK git repository version (version) input is used.)
By default this option is not used.
The list of available bundles: https://flutter.dev/docs/development/tools/sdk/releases

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