Fastlane step - do nothing to FASTLANE_SESSION if "Deploy to iTunes Connect" is not used


Fastlane step set FASTLANE_SESSION even when I don’t use the “Deploy to iTunes Connect” step.

I am specifically referring to this line: steps-fastlane/main.go

My suggestion is… if a workflow does not use “Deploy to iTunes Connect” step, that if-block L133 to L149 should have no effect.

I ran into a problem where FASTLANE_SESSION is set in some step before “fastlane step” is run.

However, when “fastlane step” run my fastlane script, FASTLANE_SESSION becomes empty cause L138 overwrites it to blank.

My workaround to this issue is… in my fastlane script, I set that env var again.



Hi Bill,

Would you mind sharing providing your build URL and perhaps enabling support access? I’d like to verify a couple of things.

Or if you would prefer, you could open a support ticket and share with us.



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