Failed to collect output. xamarin-archive 1.5.0

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Description of the issue

Xamarin-archive can’t collect output. I don’t understand why? The solution is builded and I get next error:
Failed to collect output, error: read /private/tmp/quick-repo-test/ugenie-xamarin/ugenie.Droid: is a directory - locally
and on Bitrise:
Failed to collect output, error: read /Users/vagrant/git/ugenie.Droid: is a directory


xamarin-archive 1.5.0


Rebuild and upgrading the build Step to the latest version doesn’t help.

Local reproduction

On lacally: Failed to collect output, error: read /private/tmp/quick-repo-test/ugenie-xamarin/ugenie.Droid: is a directory

Build log

Hi @Susankabani!

Sorry about the issue and thanks for the report. The tooling team is working on the solution, we’ll keep you updated!

Thank you. We’ll wait updates.

Hello, @bitce. Any updates on this?

Hi @Susankabani!

Not so far, we apologize. Can you please share with us a link to your app and enable Support Access in the Settings?

I’m also facing this issue,

I enabled support access for my project. What steps can I take to get support on this issue and properly share logs?

“Failed to collect output, error: read /Users/vagrant/git/{ProjectDir}/Droid: is a directory”

The directory exists and has the correct file for the output but it seems like at the point of collecting outputs bitrise no longer has permissions to access the folder path

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @connor.johnston!

Our Tooling Team is still working on fixing this issue, and will keep you updated once this has been resolved. In the meantime, can you please send us the log file or the URL of the related build?


I appreciate you reaching out, will this link do?
Bitrise - Mobile Continuous Integration and Delivery - iOS & Android Build Automation

As a note, I am using caching, which I know is in beta, on this particular app so I’m creating a new app without caching to see if the issue is still present.


As an additional note, remoting into the machine it clearly has the directory listed at the path "/Users/vagrant/git/{ProjectName}/Droid/obj/Pub"and even accesses it within the log when making changes without issue. It seems like at the last step on trying to re-access the file path it’s either blocked because it’s in use or no longer has the access it had previously in the step.

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Hi @Susankabani, @connor.johnston,
The new version is out (1.5.1), hopefully it will fix the mentioned issues. Please let me know if it helped or not.

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