Export-xcarchive different team id


I’m managed to have in the same workflow a build for dev and App Store thanks to the export-xcarchive step.
Now I would like to have one build for dev and entreprise. Both account requires to have a different Team id (that’s completely 2 different iTunes account).
I saw that we can spécify this in export-xcarchive step, but I still get "No matching provisioning profiles found"
I provided both certificates & provisioning.
Is it something feasible ?

Can you please make sure that you have the latest distribution Prov Profile for that app & that Team on bitrise.io? Just delete the previous distribution one from bitrise.io, download the latest one from Apple Developer Portal and upload to bitrise.io

In general setting the The Developer Portal team to use for this export (team_id) option of the Export iOS and tvOS Xcode archive step should be enough, given that you have the right prov profile (and .p12) uploaded for the Select method for export you specify.