Export iOS and tvOS Xcode archive vs Xcode Archive for iOS

How Xcode Archive for iOS and Export iOS and tvOS Xcode archive steps are different for iOS app?
Is there any difference at all?

No difference at all, you can use the Xcode Archive for iOS for tvOS too as the project structure and xcodebuild parameters are essentially the same for both types of projects.

You could even do macOS app archive, as every Xcode step uses Xcode’s command line tool xcodebuild, but macOS apps can have slightly different configurations (e.g. it can be archived & exported without any code signing, but iOS/tvOS apps can’t, and there are a couple of other xcodebuild options which can only be used for macOS apps), that’s why we created a separate macOS version of the Archive step. But under the hood it’s just xcodebuild in both cases :wink:

If you have any questions just let us know!