📱 Easily find your installable app packages

Hello :wave:

Several users had suggested that it wasn’t straightforward to access installable app packages on Bitrise. It often took a while to find the builds that have installable app packages. Additionally, when you find those builds, it would take a while to figure out how to avail the installable app packages or share them with your peers.

Bitrise recently introduced some nifty UI updates that make it easy to find your installable app packages. Here’s a quick summary:

  1. Your build cards will now show a badge if they have an installable app package (such as an IPA or an APK/AAB). The badge will also show the type of installable app package and the version name and number.

  1. A new filter that allows you to filter for builds with installable app packages

  1. A brand new Artifacts tab on the build list page
  • You see the number of artifacts in the title
  • Installable app packages are now treated as first-class citizens of this view. You not only see them at the top, but also are able to see their version and size info, along with a shortcut to share.

  • When you click on the “Share” link, it opens up this dialog with several shortcuts to share or avail the installable artifact.

When you expand installable app packages, you are able to see the relevant details based on their type.

We hope that these updates simplify and speed up your experience on Bitrise. Open to any feedback - good and bad - with the team :slightly_smiling_face: