Delete Workflow is not working


I am unable to delete any of my Bitrise workflows.

Account Types:

Steps I followed:

  • Clear Browser cache
  • Refresh Page
  • Open Workflows Tab
  • Select Workflow
  • Click Delete Workflow
  • Confirm OK
  • Check list of workflows (Workflow has disappeared)
  • Refresh page
  • Check list again (Workflow is still there)

As far as I can recall, this feature was working for us last week.

Any help would be hugely appreciated,


Hello @robertbrianb,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! Indeed, it seems that there is an issue with the workflow deletion flow and our Website team is currently looking into it. :disappointed:

I will update you here as soon as the issue has been resolved! :star:


Thanks for the response!

Look forward to hearing back

Hi @robertbrianb,

This is just a short note to let you know that the issue has been resolved. You should be able to delete your workflows now. :wink:

Thank you,

Thank you so much @cskata!
Can confirm that its working my side

You’re welcome! :wink: I’m glad to hear it’s working on your end as well.
Have a great day! :star:

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