Custom script doesn't update

I’m trying to build a react-native iOS app on from a new account (I copied the settings from another account where it worked), but from the error messages I keep receiving it seems that it wont allow me to run my custom script where I install node modules, react native etc. The error log indicates that I still use the custom script that just echoes “Hello world”, but when I go back and check my workflow it does contain “npm install (…)” etc.
This is very frustrating and I encounter the same problem with my Android app.
Hope you can fix this soon!


Are you sure that you checked the workflow in the editor which you ran? It might be that you edited the script in another workflow, not the one the build was running with.

We don’t know about any issue like this. If my previous comment would not help to solve the issue please send us the build’s URL in email or through the onsite chat so that we can check the logs & the build’s config.

Hi Viktor
Geeez, you’re absolutely right! The primary workflow wasn’t the default selected one…
Sorry guys - I still love your tool :smiley:

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No problem - we found this is quite a common issue, and we already scheduled a change/new feature so that if you open the workflow editor from the build’s page, that will auto-select the build’s workflow, instead of the default one.

That said, @erosdome why isn’t the primary workflow the default one? :thinking:

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@viktorbenei the new feature has been released, it seems to be working for me.

@journlDevelopers did you open up the workflow from the failed build’s page? Because in that case, the workflow editor should have that build’s workflow selected by default, and if not that’s an issue we should fix.

When opening from another page, like the app’s page (one level “higher”), it does not necessarily open up with that workflow.

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What does it open with from the app’s page? Shouldn’t it open with primary?

@erosdome I wasn’t aware of the direct link to the workflow editor until now, so no - I navigated there manually :slight_smile:

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Yes that was my next thought, right now it opens an arbitrary one unless it is forced to select one (like from a build’s page). It should open with the primary but of course only if there is any with this ID - there might not be sometimes.

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Can you create an issue on GitHub for this @erosdome?