Create scanner for "blog" type of projects (static web sites)

Currently only iOS/Android/Xamarin/Fastlane scanners are available. Would be nice to have scanner for Jekyll based static blog sites or other types of static web sites.

Available scanners:

Investigation needed on different types of static web sites. At least most used ones should be supported.

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Awesome idea! If anyone would want to contribute a scanner for any static website tool (Jekyll, middleman, …) and have any questions, just let us know!

I have plans to work on a Jekyll projects scanner (as I use it for my blog). No plans to work on other scanners at the moment.
I’ll add new scanner “jekyll” to “scanners” folder in “bitrise-core/bitrise-init” project.

No ETA, just updating here that work is in progress.

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Thanks @vgaidarji, let us know if we can help with anything! :wink: