Commit message displayed in build summary ignores whitespace

Both newlines and spaces are ignored, see the attached images.

The commit as seen on build description:

The actual commit (git show):

Date: Thu May 25 21:47:32 2017 +0200

Freezes 'react-native-router-flux' version in package.json

Only patch upgrades are allowed now.
Versions 3.39.x and above cause the following problem:

Error: @providesModule naming collision:
  Duplicate module name: Sample
    collides with

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I’ve reported similar issue about missing newlines yesterday: Missing whitespaces in news feed and post quotations

Maybe it is a global website issue with rendering user-supplied content?

Sorry for the long delay.

The issue here is not related to missing whitespaces, but to the fact that the message on the Build’s details page is interpreted / presented as Markdown. This has quite a few advantages, but there definitely should be an option to switch between Markdown and “plain” rendering of the commit message.

Added to our issue tracker, thanks for reporting!

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Hi @rszalski & @koral,

We released a format switcher (markdown/plain) for commit message.

Let us know if you have any feedback

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