Cannot access any link within my workspace

Description of the issue

When trying to access app, build or install page it shows an error
Please describe the issue here


Failed to contact the origin.

Generated Tue, 14 May 2019 18:04:14 GMT Request ID: IirAYh7svxEOe0vb-xrr05WO9ppbE0aXT12KfZSx0Q5il_7pbIAvjw==

Hi Javier,
This is a CDN issue at our end.
It seems that Cloudflare CDN is experiencing issues in Brazil ( They’re aware and deploying a fix. We’re actively monitoring the issue and we’ll also be finding a way to eliminate this specific dependency as it’s obviously not good that an entire country loses access when our CDN has issues.

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The issue has been solved. Thank you

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