Can I change pre-installed tool version?

My ios application needs golang version v1.15.x to build. Can I change pre-installed tool version on Stack. I use following stack.

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Yeah, you can.
Just like locally using commandline. Eg. homebrew on xcode stack.

Thank you for your help.
I added following script to my workflow.

brew uninstall --force go
brew install go@1.15

After that I executed the workflow then I got following error.

ERRO[12:00:48] Step (xcode-archive@3.2) failed: Failed to prepare the step for execution through the required toolkit (go), error: Failed to select an appropriate Go installation for compiling the Step: Found Go version is older than required. Please run 'bitrise setup' to check and install the required version 

So you have a dependency version conflict.
Here are some of the possible solutions/workarounds:

  1. build your app first (whatever step it exactly means) with old version of go, then update it to the current for the xcode-archive step (I assume that is not the same thing as “building”)
  2. downgrade xcode-archive step to something supporting go 1.15

Thank you for the solutions/workarounds. I will try to downgrade go-lang version to build.

By the way, my app was successfully built until 14 Jun, 2021 because osx-xcode-12.5.x stack used go 1.15.x.

Here is osx-xcode-12.5.x stack log on 14 Jun, 2021.

Here is osx-xcode-12.5.x stack log on Jul 5, 2021.

go version was changed from 1.15.x to 1.16.x.

I solved the problem as following.

  • go version in stack remain as 1.16 was.
  • Install go 1.15 via goenv in workflow script step.
  • Change GOHOME, PATH to use go 1.15 in my build script.

@koral, thank you so much.

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