Cache:Pull Allow greater control of cache branch

Description of the feature request

Currently the Cache:Pull step either looks for a cache file matching the source branch - or otherwise it falls back to the default branch (often ‘master’).

We would like a slightly refined cache fallback mechanism:
Say we are doing a PR from branch ‘my-bugfix-branch’ to ‘2.4.0’.
In case we have no cache for ‘my-feature-branch’, we would very much like for the fallback to try the PR destination (2.4.0) - and only if this does not exist, then fall back to the default branch.

Alternatively being able to select the cache (or a prioritized list of caches) through inputs to Cache:Pull would allow us to build this fallback mechanism ourselves.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Our git branching workflow is that during development, we make PRs towards master.
But when we are entering a QA period before a new release, we branch out onto a ‘release’ branch (named with the release version number). All bugfix PRs are then made against the release branch from then on.
Being able to fallback to a cache representing the release branch in this situation would increase the usability of the cache.

Hey there @ka-ching!

Thanks for your feature request, sounds really handy to be honest :slight_smile:
Don’t forget to vote on it though :wink: