Cache pull 2.1.0 archive issue


Cache pull v2.1.0 step fails with error:
“Failed to uncompress cache archive”

INFO[18:57:34] Start installing (tar) with apt-get          
INFO[18:57:34]  * [OK] Step dependency (tar) installed, available. 
- DebugMode: false
- StackID: 
Downloading remote cache archive
Extracting cache archive
Failed to uncompress cache archive: %!s(<nil>)
WARN[18:58:51] Step (cache-pull@2.1.0) failed, but was marked as skippable 

I had to switch to v2.0.1 and it was pulled successfully

INFO[19:00:04] Start installing (rsync) with apt-get        
INFO[19:00:04]  * [OK] Step dependency (rsync) installed, available. 
INFO[19:00:04] Start installing (tar) with apt-get          
INFO[19:00:04]  * [OK] Step dependency (tar) installed, available. 
2019/08/15 19:00:08 Cache pull...
2019/08/15 19:00:08 => Downloading and extracting cache archive ...
2019/08/15 19:00:56 => [DONE]
2019/08/15 19:00:56 => Took: 48.380835531s
2019/08/15 19:00:56 => Finished

Before I had a weird state when the main branch cache was 2kb, however, it was built before and less than 7 days ago. I’ve cleaned all caches and updated steps versions(pull 2.0.1 -> 2.1.0)
Then I’ve manually built the main branch to create some cache. After I’ve created a new branch based on main to verify that it works and got this error. Once again 2.0.1 worked fine after manual rebuild and all next branch builds.

Cache pull version: 2.0.1 and 2.1.0
Cache push version: 2.2.0



Hi Alexander,

Sorry to hear about the issue and thanks for your report! Could you include an URL to both instances and allow Support Access so we can review the situation?




Sure, I’ve enabled support access and URLs are:
Cache failed v2.1.0 (Aborted after cache fail)
Cache success v2.0.1




Thanks for the details @Alexander-Semenov!

We’re looking into it, will get back to you hear as soon as we can :slight_smile:

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Hi @bitce,

I want to check if there are any updates on this issue?
Is there something we’re doing in wrong way?



Hi @Alexander-Semenov!

Sorry for the delay. The team has to conclude an investigation about the problem, and they weren’t able to do finish this just yet. They will be back to you as soon as they can!

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