Build logs should print the bitrise Stack ID it's running on


Description of the feature request

It’s important for a build log to indicate what stack it ran on. Especially because it’s possible to switch stacks using the workflow editor, so when inspecting a build log you can’t be sure that its stack corresponds to the stack in the workflow editor.

It could be printed at the very top of the log:

INFO[14:55:20] bitrise runs in Secret Filtering mode
INFO[14:55:20] bitrise runs in CI mode
INFO[14:55:20] Running workflow: primary
Switching to workflow: primary

Stack: Xcode 11.3



Thanks for the suggestion!

In the meantime, you could add a simple script step:


This should provide the stack info in the log.

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OH - maybe even better! On your dashboard, if you are looking at a particular build you will see information about the build. There is a “more details” you can select and the very next item is the stack that was used for that build!


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Thanks for the tip, it’s good to have that “More details” section, but it shouldn’t supersede printing the stack in the build log.



I understand and have to say, I agree. I would like to see that information in the log as well. Please understand, I do not have the authority to approve requests and am not making any commitment that this will be implemented! I’m just keeping my fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers: with you!

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