Browse iOSHTML report directly from artefacts page


After we run unit and UI tests in iOS simulator we have added the “Generate Xcode test HTML/JUnit” step. I can see nice reports and some artefacts in the test reports page. However, the HTML report from XCTestHTMLReport appears on the Apps & Artefacts tab and only shows up as a static empty page when clicking “View details” or to be downloaded.

I’d like to be able to browse the report generated by XCTestHTML report as it is very useful in determining at which point a UITest failed, and you can see many more screenshots from the execution of them.

At the moment the workaround is to download the full but it’s a big file and the HTML is supposed to allow you to browse it instead.

Is there some kind of configuration we are missing to get the HTML to be accessible?

Yes, that would be great and a while back, you could do that! Unfortunately, the ability to do that required javascript be enabled. This presented a security risk and had to be disabled.

You might want to check out “Test Reports”. I think it will provide what you are looking for - and might even be better!

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