Brew install v1.0.0

Breaking changes

New step input: upgrade_dependents=no

If set to no, the step won鈥檛 upgrade other installed packages that depend on the package to be installed.
This helps predictability and install times, but sometimes could cause problems with existing installed packages if they are not compatible with the newly installed package (Homebrew is an evergreen package manager by design). More information is available here and here.
If you experience a broken package, set this input to yes.
This input controls the HOMEBREW_NO_INSTALLED_DEPENDENTS_CHECK env var.

Removed step input: cache_enabled

Because most Homebrew formulas are installed as prebuilt binaries (bottles) nowadays, there is no benefit of caching the Homebrew cache folder across CI builds. If you still need to cache a Homebrew folder for some reason, it can be recreated using the save-cache step.

What鈥檚 Changed

Full Changelog: Comparing 0.12.4...1.0.0 路 bitrise-steplib/steps-brew-install 路 GitHub