Blur / transparency rendering issues in snapshots


We use Bitrise on our iOS / Mac projects and make use of snapshot tests during tests. Recently we noticed that the snapshot tests have changed - specifically blurs seem to be no longer rendered correctly. I’ve noticed this on the following stacks:

  • stack: osx-xcode-13.1.x & machine_type_id: g2.8core
  • stack: osx-xcode-13.3.x & machine_type_id: g2.8core

The change appears to have happened Apr 12th or 13th 2022.

As an example here is screenshot from simulator on local machine:

And the same from a Bitrise machine:

Any idea what is going on here?


This is most likely due to the blur using the Metal APIs.

You can generate your snapshot tests on Bitrise and use that to compare or if you would like Metal enabled for your account please open a support ticket here:

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