Bitrise Public API

From Anonymous on 2016/05/11 08:00:52 +0000

We would love an API to access the built artifacts from the outside, without the using same read/write access login.

From Bitrise on 2016/02/18 22:32:18 +0000

@Igor : you can do that right now - just add a Script step and call any URL you want to with curl

From Igor Filippov on 2016/02/18 20:12:05 +0000

Would love to have web hooks, i.e. I can specify endpoint which Bitrise will call and post a build status(failed, passed). Also, any update?

From David Fearon on 2016/01/05 13:47:41 +0000

+1 for a build-status API – just a simple endpoint for in-progress / pass / fail status on a given branch.

From Richard Kirk on 2015/12/15 19:54:22 +0000

I would love to be able to get a list of all branches, then the ability to fetch build "objects" that include some of the following :

  1. Success/failure
  2. Commit
  3. Direct OTA download url

My goal is to create something similar to for our inhouse builds

From Bitrise on 2015/12/15 19:08:17 +0000

> be able to add Repos

Definitely a good idea. It might be a bit more complicate than what we would like to release in the first version, but would be amazing to add it a bit later!

From Anonymous on 2015/12/15 18:34:42 +0000

It would be great to be able to add Repos (by passing in the git URL and auth). This way 3rd parties could add repos without having to send users to bitwise first

From XDS Team on 2015/12/10 23:10:04 +0000

Definitely would like a build status API

We use and to display our builds and would like to create plugins for bitrise!

From Bitrise on 2015/11/06 12:39:10 +0000

Thanks for the request!

Could you provide a list of required features/endpoints, the ones which would be essential and the ones which would be "nice to have"?

We plan to provide an API in the future and knowing exactly what functionality should be available through the API would be really helpful!

From Maciej Swic on 2014/12/30 12:39:55 +0000

The git clone step should export some more variables that contain the full commit history since the last successful build. For example $GIT_CLONE_COMMIT_MESSAGES_SINCE_LAST_SUCCESSFUL_BUILD

This way we can incorporate an automatic changelog in our TestFlight upload.

Copied from original feature request:

From Sam G on 2016/05/06 14:53:46 +0000

Huge +1 for this! I'd love to be able to post Slack messages only in the case of failed/fixed builds. Could we have a boolean flag for LAST_BUILD_FAILED?

Also I'd like to git diff subdirectories to the last successful commit, which could use LAST_SUCCESS_COMMIT.

From Olaf Tomalka on 2016/03/03 09:34:17 +0000

I'd like to extend this idea with additional information about past build. Any build state changes are incredibly useful for many flows and having pretty much all information from the last one would be great, not only git stuff.

Here's my idea of what I would want to use it for - slack updates only on build status change:

From Bitrise on 2016/02/09 16:33:09 +0000

Makes sense. We should maybe provide three variables: LAST_COMMIT (last, regardless of status), LAST_SUCCESS_COMMIT and LAST_FAILED_COMMIT . We'll think about other use cases, feel free to add your comment if these three variables would not cover your use case!

From Mark Vulfson on 2016/02/09 16:30:33 +0000

I think the most important is commit of last successful build on the current branch. So long as we can then:

all else is secondary to me

From Bitrise on 2016/02/09 16:04:10 +0000

Which commits should be available? Just the previous commit on the same branch? Or the previous success/error commits (separately)? I presume other branches doesn't really matter - but feel free to comment if you know a use case when another branch's commit would be useful too.

From Mark Vulfson on 2016/02/09 15:55:42 +0000

Yes, this would be awesome. I use a similar idea now on Jenkins to automatically update Jira tickets with the build info and I need last successful build commit (or all commit messages) for that

Hi! We are integrating bitrise into our product, so we’d love to have access to the Builds from our tool via public API. What our customers are interested in (must have):

  • Build status (progress of the build, success or failure information after the build)
  • if build succeeds, we need to get access to the built artifacts (ipa, apk files) via download links
  • if build fails, we need to know about the reason (build log, recent error message)

What we want to have (nice to have):

  • create, maintain, and delete build jobs (workflows) via API

Thank’s in advance for your support and keeping me in the loop about your progress/prioritization.


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Thanks everyone for the comments, it definitely helps us a lot to prioritize which endpoints we should work on first.

Just an update: we’re working on the API and hope to share some base endpoints in the coming weeks - we’ll do that as soon as we’re happy with the base structure of the API, authentication, etc.

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One more update: everything’s prepared now for the release of the API. It will be a very minimal first release, but hopefully we’ll be able to iterate on it and add the most demanded new endpoints quickly.

The API is accessible at:

The API will only work with “personal access tokens” for now, which is already implemented in but the UI to register and manage tokens is still pending review - should be deployed in a couple of days.

Once the access token management is available on we’ll create a new topic for the API here on and I’ll link it here. Documentation of existing endpoints will be published and updated there, in the separate discussion topic.

In the meantime if you have any questions, notes, comments or feedback just let us know here!

Will this initial release have support for getting build artifacts?