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I was reading this article and I have a question about $SOURCE_BITRISE_BUILD_NUMBER

I currently have an App Var: MY_BUILD_NUM=$BITRISE_BUILD_NUM
How would I overwrite that only when my multi-build workflow (named “deliver”) is started? I tried adding a Set environment variable step in the “deliver” workflow but it didn’t seem to set the build number to be the same for both triggered workflows.

Hi @bdaniels!

I’m really sorry about the delay in getting to your issue. We are currently migrating to a new system in order to be able to assist you better in the future.

By multi-build workflow, are you referring the one that’s starting multiple ones in with the titular step? Can you expand on what you’d like to achieve here?

I’ve addressed my issue by adding a script step in my “setup” workflow:

if [ ! -z "$SOURCE_BITRISE_BUILD_NUMBER" ] ; then
  envman add --key MY_BUILD_NUM --value "$SOURCE_BITRISE_BUILD_NUMBER"
  envman add --key MY_BUILD_NUM --value "$BITRISE_BUILD_NUMBER"
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@bdaniels Thanks for letting us know and for sharing the information!! Always appreciated!

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