Awscli 2.x pre-installed for all build machines


Description of the feature request

Have an up-to-date version of awscli preinstalled on build machines, for all Build Stacks.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Nowadays there is a couple of discrepancies regarding the availability of awscli on Build Stacks, as per one can learn from System Reports logs

  • For XCode Stack it is not available at all
  • For Android/Docker it is available in different versions (1.18.176 for non-LTS; 1.11.13 for LTS)

Also the available versions are quite outdated, since version 2.x of awscli is available since January.

Automation on top of Cloud infrastructure is quite common, specially when tackling the CD part of Mobile pipelines; this means that particular (Shell) script-driven logic depend directly on such tools like awscli in order to integrate with S3, CodeArtefact and others.

Although one can install awscli in a custom Step; this means that

  • a script-driven Step still needs to defensively check against the current Unix path in order to run properly without errors in different Build Stacks (Linux / Mac) ;
  • a script-driven Step becomes temporaly* coupled with a previous “Install latest awscli” Step in a given Workflow
  • an “Install latest awscli” is needed for all Workflows that requires integration with AWS, which might be specially painful in pipelines with complex topology (fan-in/fan-outs) and with Workflows dependent on AWS (which means a lot of boilerplate)
  • etc

So, maybe it is a good idea to have the up-to-date version of awscli installed for all Build Stacks. This should be easy to tackle, since it is a matter to tackle with apt-get and brew and baking the build machine image.

Edit : added link for awscli 2.0 announcement



Thanks for this feature request. I will send this to the productboard for review and evaluation.