Automation is now available for Google Play releases in Release Management

Automation for Google Play releases.
Until now, it was possible to add automation only to App Store releases. From now on, you can do the same for your Google Play releases as well.

With automation, you can trigger standalone builds and pipelines based on the status changes in your release

Currently supported events

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Hey @BirmacherAkos,

I’m planning to create a workflow to hook up to the “Upload finished” event. However, I would like to know if the event provides the workflow with data about the upload like the build number, the build files and etc.

Could you point me to a documentation that goes into more details of how we can use these events?

Thank you!

Hey @nicolas.iensen ,
I couldn’t find the documentation either, so probably we still need to update this part.

But until then this is what I can share. Yes, the CI builds triggered by automation will have some information pieces about the release. These information pieces are available as environment variables in the CI builds. All of these environment variables have a RM_ prefix.

Arficat related

  • RM_RELEASE_CANDIDATE_DOWNLOAD_URL = You can use this download URL to download the artifact (IPA/AAB).
  • RM_RELEASE_CANDIDATE_SLUG = Unique identifier for the release candidate artifact (IPA/AAB).

Release releated

  • RM_RELEASE_VERSION = The release name (version for App Store release) in Release Management.
  • RM_RELEASE_CANDIDATE_BUILD_SLUG = The build slug that was selected as a release candidate for the release. This build generated the IPA/AAB.

You can list all environment variables in a running CI build by a Script Step with the following script content:

set -e
set -o pipefail
set -x


Is there anything else you would like to see in a CI build triggered by an automation?

Thanks for the reply! I think we can work with this information to get the workflow running.