Authenticate host with netrc issue (and fix?)

Hi everyone.

Just add the weirdest issue today on my builds : everything was working as usual until, this morning, the cloning of the git repository for one of our external dependancies stopped working :frowning:

Using remote ssh access, i was able to determine (after quite some time) that it was only because the .netrc file was not ending with a carriage return / new line; the only solution i found for now is to add a new “Authenticate host with netrc” step after my current steps (with fake data).

Anyone aware of this “issue”?


PS : Xcode Edge with latest Xcode and tool versions, Gen2 Standard

Worth opening a support ticket for this so we can take a closer look into the issue

I think I have identified the root cause of the issue here:

Can you run this in a Script step after the NetRC step

brew reinstall curl

Then use the curl command from


This should update curl to the latest version that fixes an issue on Ventura

Working with the team to patch the stacks

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Hey Damien, do you know the status on this? It’s currently a blocker on our workflows.

EDIT: FWIW, was able to resolve the issue by SSHing into the machine and removing the indentation of the login and password fields in the .netrc file and readding the carriage return at the end of the file.

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We patched this issue on our steps by automatically adding a new line at the end of the .netrc file for curl to accept it.

See: Insert newline at the end of the .netrc file (#11) · bitrise-steplib/steps-authenticate-host-with-netrc@8cb845d · GitHub

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Thanks damien!

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