Appium screen recording script: adb shell "screenrecord ..." yields "/system/bin/sh: screenrecord: not found" error

Hey there! I am trying to follow these instructions provided by Bitrise:

Particularly step 4 with this code:
$ANDROID_HOME/platform-tools/adb shell “screenrecord /sdcard/video.mp4 --verbose” &> $BITRISE_DEPLOY_DIR/logs.txt &

The step “Passes” but in the logs.txt provided, it outputs:
“/system/bin/sh: screenrecord: not found”

Does anybody have any ideas why screenrecord is not working? I have tried things like “Install missing Android components” step before as well.

Hey @jason.wei,

Can you tell the specific details of the emulator that you launch in the AVD Manager step? Normally the screenrecord utility should be present on the emulator, but looks like it’s missing.

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