Appcenter output file missing

Hi. I’m using CodePush appcenter. And after have the main.bundle I want to send the bundle file to BugSnag, But when I retrieve the build/CodePush/main.bundle.js file not found. Even though I already set the output of Appcenter -o build

Codepush output

bundle: start
bundle: finish
bundle: Writing bundle output to: build/CodePush/main.jsbundle
bundle: Writing sourcemap output to: build/CodePush/
bundle: Done writing bundle output
bundle: Done writing sourcemap output
bundle: Copying 41 asset files
bundle: Done copying assets

BugSnag error

+ bugsnag-sourcemaps upload --api-key 5f98a94cc31f51fe3d69446c944cc948 --code-bundle-id 3.9.0 --source-map build/CodePush/ --minified-file build/CodePush/main.jsbundle --minified-url main.jsbundle --upload-sources --add-wildcard-prefix --overwrite
[23:52:24] Uploading sourcemaps [started]
[23:52:24] Uploading sourcemaps [failed]
[23:52:24] → Source map file does not exist (build/CodePush/

Hello there, could you try something like this in a script step?
if you are on a mac stack then just compy this line, if you are on an ubuntu stack then the command is find not mdfind it will add the path to that file to the env var $JS_BUNDLE_MAP so in the next step you will be able to use it :upside_down_face:
envman add --key JS_BUNDLE_MAP --value $(mdfind -name

Oh thanks a lot. I will try it. I’m just try do it manually by install code-push-cli using npm install -g , then I add manual Script then perform these upload step :smiley: . I will try this method later. Thanks a lot @fehersanyi-bitrise

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