App works on ios13, but doesn't start on ios12


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We have a workflow that publishes apps to testflight.
The build target is ios 12.1, however, tester are reporting that the app doesn’t start on 12.1, but it’s fine on 13.0+. I don’t have access to any crash logs because Testflight only gives you access to crash logs from 13.0+.

If I manually build and export to testflight from my macbook, it works on 12.1.
As far as I know, I don’t have any special local setting. Everything should be checked in github source code.
I also did a local fresh check out of our source code to make sure I don’t have any local setting.

Build log



Any hints? :frowning:
We really would like to use Bitrise, but this would be a blocker if I can’t resolve this issue…



If you manage to get a build uploaded on TestFlight, then there is no issue with building and it is possibly not an issue from BitRise but from the project’s configuration.

Try to flush all your local data (build cache folder) and add Crashlytics if you really can’t find anything.



Hi @Tite,

Is the issue still present? Let us know!


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