Android Sign question

Hi team, I have multiple flavors for Android, my purpose is to generate multiple signed builds in one workflow.

  1. I have read doc and search related questions. Saying that I need to add “Gradle Runner” step to generate multiple builds during this step. But I notice that in “Android build” step, I am able to set multiple variants now. After I trigger the workflow, my needed builds are in APPS & ARTIFACTS tab. Is it right to set variants in “Android build” step?
  2. The doc says I need to add “Android sign” to sign my builds(uploading keystore to Code Signing/ANDROID FILE KEYSTORE section). I already configure necessary signing info in my build.gradle file. I check the “Android build” step output, seems they already been signed. So my question is if I configure necessary signing info in build.gradle file, the output apks of “Android build” are signed or not? If signed, so I can remove the “Android Sign” step?

If you have signing configured in your buildscript then no need for separate step sign, assuming that the gradle task building that signed artifact will be executed.

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