Android:icon to multiple activities breaks build (works locally)



to an activity tag on manifest.xml breaks the build, it works when that line is removed.

this is in addition to the android:icon within application tag

I haven’t found another way to set the activity icon, so this is a big issue.

PS: works locally

Hi @natalia-mp!

Sorry to hear about the issue. Can you please include a related build URL we could take a look at?


Hello there! I think this issue is related to Japanese maybe language support.

pplication-label-ja:'Marco Polo DevW/ResourceType(12796): No known package when getting value for resource number 0x01080052

AndroidManifest.xml:507: error: ERROR getting ‘android:icon’ attribute: attribute value reference does not exist

I think this issue is similar to this:

fixed. can’t use “@android:drawable”. needed to use a drawable from the project.

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Hey I’m glad you fount the solution!

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