Android - create a build when one on the library is behind some proxy


I have been using bitrise for quite a few months for now and everything run very nice.

I have a difficulty since few days because in our project, which is for a company, I need to compile a an android version but one of the library is on a internal nexus, so accessible only when I am connected to the company network.
The problem is that bitrise server doesn’t know this network, so when gradle tries to download the dependency it fail.

I see a few work around, but some help would be appreciated, maybe someone come with an idea ?

Trick 1 : the ugly one which is working for now.

Copy the code of the library into my project and use it into my app project as modules.
Pros : no need to network , everything is in my projet
Cons : horrible to maintain, lot of codes added

Trick 2 : Use bitrise CLI, install it on the same server than the library i need
Pros : faster,
Cons : lose of the bitrise website which is very nice, and it will be necessary to always be on the same network

Trick 3 : find a way to put the library on a “public” maven or jcenter with some security?
Is it possible from gradle to handle security such as user/password on a library?

Trick 4 : Use bitrise CLI, install it on a Amazon EC2 or else, and install the dependency of the lib as a local maven on this EC2?
Pros : lib is on the server, bitrise cli has all
Cons : need to maintain the maven updated

Any help appreciated here :slightly_smiling_face:


If you have some VPN or can set it up, you can add a step which connects VM with that VPN so internal services will be accessible. There is a tutorial on devcenter and steps available on bitrise steplib.

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