Allow free type for workflow when starting/scheduling build for a project using repository bitrise.yml

Current behaviour

If a Bitrise project is set up so that the bitrise.yml file is stored in the repository, then it is possible for there to be workflows that are not specified in the main branch, but are specified in another branch.

In this case, these workflows cannot be manually triggered directly from the Bitrise website. The easiest workaround is to:

  1. Click to manually trigger the build that you want, and select a different workflow from the one you want to trigger
  2. Switch to “Advanced” view and copy the cURL command
  3. Modify the "triggered_workflow" property in the cURL command body JSON to the required workflow
  4. Run the modified cURL command

Feature request

If the project is configured so that the bitrise.yml is stored in the repository, then when manually triggering a build from the Bitrise website, the “Workflow” input should also allow free type, so that any workflows not listed on the dropdown but present on the specified branch can be run.