Allow customization of fastlane api key variable


Description of the feature request

Allow the environment variable set by the fastlane step for the api key to be customized by name.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Currently the API key is exported as DELIVER_API_KEY_PATH. This only allows the fastlane step to run the deliver action of fastlane and no other actions. The environment variable cannot be used in the fastlane step due to the way Bitrise performs variable substitution. Would like to use the fastlane step to perform pilot actions.



Hi! Once a variable has been added via envman it should be usable just like any other environment variable.

More info here:



Thanks, I think I worded my request poorly. The Fastlane step does not expose any environment variables to the build. The DELIVER_API_KEY_PATH variable is created inside the step but is not exposed for any other steps. Due to this the fastlane step can’t be used to create the API key file for fastlane in a later step, but the fastlane step cannot be customized to use anything other than deliver.



Ah! That makes sense! This might be due to a technical limitation with Fastlane itself then. Thanks for submitting the feature request, it should be considered for future development.

In the interim, you could try forking the step to modify it’s functionality. More info here:



Thanks, I will definitely look into forking the step.