Add “What to Test” in iOS Testflight build using “Deploy to iTunes Connect / TestFlight (with Deliver)” workflow

This topic was discussed in the past but no solution was provided. Here is the link to the old thread

Problem is, as soon as testflight processes the build, it sends out notifications to the testers. I would like to add test notes before the testers gets the notification. Else they get a notification with empty release notes.


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we currently have a task to make this in our backlogs, I don’t yet have an eta for this but will be available shortly! we will notify you in that case! :upside_down_face:

Okay. Please do update this thread as this is released. Thank you.

I’ve been looking at this recently :slight_smile: The only complication though is that Fastlane requires the AppStore Connect processing to complete in order to add the “What to Test” field. From my testing this can easily push the build time over the 10 minute limit, so if you’re on the Bitrise Free plan this might be an issue

Is this implemented on Bitrise? If yes can you point me to the corresponding step I need to add to my workflow?

Note: I am on paid plan.

Hi @docbuddy, unfortunately not. The test notes aren’t supported in either of the tests just yet, will let you know on this thread once that changes!

I would also greatly appreciate this feature being added asap.

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Is there any update about this topic? Our team would be highly interested in such a feature.

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Is there any update on this?? We really need to add test notes when we deliver our app to TestFlight.

adding my +1 here to follow the thread.
or does anyone have a solution for this?

Can we get the updates on this?

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I escalated the priority of this issue for our Product Team, in order to bring more attention to it! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, any update about this?

Hi @bitce any update about release notes?
Releated feature-Request: Add TestFlight Release Notes/What To Test to Deploy to Bitrise step

Asking for an update on this as well. Specifically we want to know what scheme was used for the deploy to TestFlight step.

Any update on this issue?

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Any update on this issue?