Add support for Apple Transporter

Description of the feature request

You can now use Transporter, Apple’s command-line delivery tool, to upload app previews to iTunes Connect. Transporter integrates with your content management system to deliver your app metadata in bulk using XML, which is especially useful for adding and managing multiple localizations. For details on using Transporter to upload app previews, see the App Metadata Specification.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

For uploading app to the store.

Thanks for the #feature-request @icPJmobile! :slight_smile:

P.S.: it should be possible to do this from a Script step, and if you already have a script for it it’s really simple to transform that to a Bitrise step ( - if you’d have some time for this we’re always happy to help with the step creation! :wink:

Since it’s a first party tool I have hoped that you will support it instead of shenzen and deliver. I do understand that you might have other stuff to focus on.

Sure, I scheduled a related “Research” task, but don’t have any ETA yet (not scheduled right now), that’s why I asked if you tried to use it with a script and if you did to share the script, as that would speed up the research/creation of the step :slight_smile:

Still, no one interested in supporting this?

Do you have an issue with the existing deliver and shenzhen based solutions @icPJmobile?

@viktorbenei no they seem to work but since this solution is the official solution provided by Apple maybe the other may stop work someday…

Sure it definitely makes sense @icPJmobile! The reason why we’re still considering whether we should do that is that (AFAIK) fastlane did migrate to use official Apple tools or the exact same APIs e.g. Xcode uses, which means as far as it works in Xcode it should from the related fastlane tools too.

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One more note: we re-enabled the Deploy to iTunes Connect / TestFlight (with Shenzhen) step, which uses the ruby gem / tool, which is pretty much a wrapper around Application :

We’re still considering rolling our own solution, but we’re not sure yet what advantage that would have vs the Shenzhen version. We might end up replacing the Shenzhen version with our own, it’s still under discussion. For now the Shenzhen version should be sufficient - if there’s any issue with it just let us know! :wink: