Add Accio as pre-installed dependency manager for iOS/macOS/tvOS projects

Description of the feature request

Currently when I want to use the new dependency manager Accio for installing dependencies, I have to always install the tool with brew install commands which takes some time. It would be great if it was added pre-installed and would also have a preconfigured step which I just need to drag and drop to my workflow. Currently I have to use this script:

brew tap JamitLabs/Accio
brew install accio

accio install

Note that having Accios local cache preconfigured for cache push would also be great, I currently have to add this to the cache push step manually:

~/Library/Caches/Accio/Cache -> Package.resolved

Use case / for what or how I would use it

I would replace Carthage & CocoaPods steps with this new step.

Thank you for the feature request! :upside_down_face: