Activate Bitrise Build Cache Add-On for Gradle v2.0.0

What’s changed

  • All the Gradle Remote Cache config logic was moved to the Bitrise Build Cache CLI. The step currently just downloads the CLI and then runs it.
  • The Gradle Analytics plugin was updated to v2.0.0-RC1.
  • The step uses the v0.8.0 version of the CLI.

Migration guide

The Gradle Remote Cache specific logic in the Bitrise Build Cache CLI is almost identical to the one which was in this Step in v1.1.1, with minor revisions and updates. There’s no action needed to migrate to the new version, but note that gradle metrics/analytics is enabled again (which now uses the new v2.0.0-RC1 version of the analytics plugin).

Full Changelog: Comparing 1.1.1...2.0.0 · bitrise-steplib/bitrise-step-activate-gradle-remote-cache · GitHub

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