About the Build Pipelines category

As you might have noticed we’ve been working on a new level of our CI/CD configuration called Build Pipeline. Pipelines can be used to organize the entire CI/CD process and to set up advanced configurations with multiple tasks running parallel and/or sequentially.

A Pipeline’s building blocks are Steps and Workflows, with Workflows arranged in Stages. Workflows in each Stage run in parallel and Stages run sequentially.

Build Pipelines is currently in open beta on credit-based plans. This means that not all planned functions are available and several features will be introduced later to make sure we cover as many use cases as possible. We are collecting your feedback to deliver the best possible feature set for the stable version.

We’re still early in this journey but would like to build this tools with you, so if you have any feedback (be that positive or negative) it’d help a lot if you could share it here.

Please create a new topic for each piece of feedback or feature request in the Build Pipelines category.

Happy Building :slight_smile:

Read more: an overview on our blog or check out the documentation.