2FA (Two Factor Auth / Two Step Auth) improvements

About two weeks ago we released the Two-factor authentication feature, which helps to make your bitrise.io account more secure.
Today we released a set of updates to make it even easier and more straight forward to setup 2FA for your account.

For those users who can’t scan the QR code you now have an option to display an info box with all important data to manually register the 2FA code. You just have to click on the green text: "Can't scan the code?"

During the activation of 2FA you now have to click on a toggle to verify that you stored your backup codes in a secure way, before you could click “Done” to enable 2FA. This update is intended to emphasize the importance of saving your backup codes.

Just a reminder: if you enable 2FA and you lose your device as well as your backup codes, we can’t recover your account access (without a long, manual recovery process)! Please be very careful with backing up these codes!

Notification emails: You will now receive emails about 2FA settings changes (about 2FA enabled, disabled, and about backup code regeneration events).

Last but not least a notice was added to the login page to remind you that you can enter a single-use recovery code there, if you can’t generate a 2FA code:

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