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I’m facing some issues on my project with the current stack for xcode beta. System report log says the xcode version is the beta 2, build version 12A6163b.
My project compiles fine for the first beta, build version 12A6159.
Is it possible to have a stack with this xcode build version? At least until I am able to fix the project to run on xcode beta 2+.



Hi @michelbuenotw!

Unfortunately there is no such option. Moreover, the system reports are outdated at the time of me typing this and the version on the Stack right now should be Beta 3, build version 12A8169g.

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Wait, really? I’ve been holding off triggering a build because I need beta 3 and I saw the GitHub repo showed the old version in the stack.

Is there a place we can go to get reliable documentation on what the stacks currently consist of? During the beta period, this is extremely important.



+1 @slopesapp
Totally agree with you. I was relying on system log report also. Apparently they are not consistent.



Unfortunately for this period this was true. There was an incident with our system that caused an issue with updating in time, and the delayed update resulted in an even more delayed update to the system reports. This should not be expected however. The reports should be updated to reflect the current reality within a few hours of me typing this.


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